Fr. Michael’s Easter Message


On 16th April we will have our celebrations of “The Greatest Day in History” – the day Jesus rose from the dead and all things were reversed.

On the first Easter morning some women were very afraid – they had been given an important message by an angel.  “Women – He is risen from the dead and gone to Galilee”.

In that society a woman could not act as a witness in a case in the law courts.  Their testimony was considered of no value at all.  As it turned out the disciples did not dismiss them or ignore them.  They ran to the tomb to check it out and were the first people to see the empty tomb.  Once a woman could not be a witness now a woman is given a most important message.  The first of the reversals brought about on Easter Day.

After the Battle of Waterloo a message was sent.  In those days the fastest way was via a series of fire beacons and a sort of Morse Code.

The message set off from Belgium and by the time it got to England it simply read “Wellington defeated.”  The whole country went into crisis as they believed the British army had been defeated by the French.  In fact the original message read “Wellington defeated the French” but fog over the English Channel meant the last part of the message was lost in the communication process.

On that first Easter the message people heard was “Jesus defeated.”  He is dead.  His disciples have fled.  His body lies in a cave tomb covered by a rock.  But the news the women brought is that “Jesus defeated the grave”.

The resurrection means a reversal of situations.

Once he was a corpse – now his body is filled with blood and breath and in Galilee.
Once Jesus was dead – now he is alive.
Once death was an end – now it is a beginning.
Once there was fear – now there is faith.
Once there was turmoil – now peace.
Once I knew nothing of God – now the risen Lord Jesus meets me – He is alive.

Our experience of the risen Lord Jesus is often in receiving communion (another reversal).  Bread and wine – symbols of a broken body and bloodshed become symbols of the presence and support of God.

Our experience of the risen Lord Jesus is in people’s lives literally changed.  Evil people become good as Jesus works in them.

Praise God today for reversals.  May we know Him afresh this easter.

Fr. Michael