Help us please! Tesco “bags of help”



UPDATE: This is now live.  We need you to vote now.
Please note: The vote is taking place at TESCO EXPRESS (see picture ->) in Staines Road West, Ashford, not the big extra store near the hospital.



We are applying for a grant from Tesco with the help of Spelthorne Borough Council.  If successful this money will go towards upgrading our heating system at St. Peter’s Hall.

But we need YOUR HELP now.

Our project entitled:  “SPELTHORNE BOROUGH COUNCIL: WARMING THE COMMUNITY”, is being voted in two Tesco Stores locally for the months of September and October.

What can you do to help?

  • Please go to Tesco EXTRA in SUNBURY (TW16 7BB)
  • or TESCO EXPRESS in Staines Road West, ASHFORD (TW15 1RP)
  • When you make a purchase of any value, you should be given a TOKEN.  If not, please ask for one.  You do not have to buy a 5p bag.  One token is given per transaction.
  • You can then vote for WARMING THE COMMUNITY.
  • Please encourage your friends, neighbours, work-mates, and family to vote for our project.

If you have tokens and don’t know where to use them, or you pick them up in another TESCO, please drop them into one of our Churches, or the Parish Office, and we will make sure your vote is counted.

We will know whether we have been successful by the end of October.

Click here for further information about the Tesco “Bags for Life” Community