Rev Christopher Henley

Christopher HenleyChristopher Henley

Will be serving his curacy (training) in the Parish of Staines.

He will be ordained Deacon on the 2nd July and his first service will be at the St Peter’s Patronal festival on 3rd July. We will welcome him at this service and afterwards at the lunch (and croquet competition).

His curacy is similar to Rev. Sue Wood in that he is a self-supporting minister working part time in the parish. He will be with us for one full day and a Sunday each week.

The main purpose of the next 4 years is to give him as full an experience of church and to prepare him for future ministry.

For information

Chris is 58 and currently lives in Chiswick

He is married to Eiddy who is from Thailand and is a specialist Thai cook. They have an adopted son who lives in Australia

His career has been spent, mainly abroad, as an undertaker with special responsibly for repatriation of bodies from disaster sites.