The Occulus & Side Chapel

When opening up the roof, the oculus, the round window, was put in place in the east gable high above the rood. It portrays the Archangel Gabriel, messenger of the Annunciation, carrying a white lily, not only an emblem of purity but also a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The fleur de lys is the heraldic symbol for the lily and represents the Trinity. It can be seen on the furnishings.

Mary is again referred to in the side chapel on your right. It is dressed in her colour — blue. This chapel however is dedicated to St Anne who was Mary’s mother. The decorations were donated by the Guild of Perseverance in 1916.

Have you sneaked behind the side chapel and squeezed past the organ pipes to the little cupboard on the right? Here you will be able to appreciate the original colour scheme of the church. You may also enjoy the graffiti provided by earlier choirboys. Certain surnames have a familiar ring!