Our Services

Across our three churches, we run a wide range of services.   Please check our calendar or the special services page or contact the parish office.


Many of our Sunday services are sung Eucharists. This is a traditional service including a Holy Communion. The service could be described as ‘high’ Anglican. Christ Church offers a slightly more informal service, and St. Mary’s uses incense at most services. On request Eucharistic Ministers deliver communion at home to those unable to attend services.

Eucharist Times – Sunday

08:00 – Christ Church (Every Sunday from September 2015).
09:30 – St. Peter’s (every Sunday).
11:15 – St. Mary’s (every Sunday).

Eucharist Times – Weekdays

Tuesday 13:30 – DayBreak
Wednesday 11:45 – Carer & toddler Eucharist at St. Mary’s Church
Thursday 10:00 – St. Peter’s Church
Thursday 11:00 – Acacia Lodge
Friday 10:00 – Moor House


This is a family-friendly service popular with all ages. It aims to provide a more modern, lively and accessible style of service. The service takes place weekly, and includes a Communion on the 3rd Sunday of each month. See the Heaven@11 page for further details.

Heaven@11 takes place at 11:00 each Sunday, at St. Peter’s.

Sunday Worship @ Christ Church

This service offers a modern approach, using somewhat more accessible language, talks aimed at a wider age range, more modern songs, and the order of service will often be displayed on a projector.

On the third Sunday of the month this is an informal holy communion service 

Morning Prayer

These are short (20 – 30 minute) services, using Common Worship. All are welcome to attend.

Prayer Times – Weekdays
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 08:30 – St. Peter’s

Tuesday 08:15 – St. Peter’s