Carer & Toddler

Span Carer & Toddler Group meets at St Mary’s Church Hall, 10 – 12, every Wednesday (except the one between Christmas and New Year)

A suggested donation of £1.50 per family applies, which covers rent, craft materials and refreshments.

Bible Story led by Rev. Sue and followed by a child-friendly Eucharist 11.45 a.m.

Our hall is small which means we are a very cosy group when it comes to singing, accompanied by Ellen on guitar. Fortunately, we are able to use the main body of the church for craft and more energetic activities. We offer painting every week, followed by a craft activity involving glue, clay, food or anything that is safe, fun and seasonal. We provide fresh fruit, biscuits, squash and hot drinks. Often, parents provide cake to celebrate a child’s birthday.

The group has existed over 25 years. Many of our current helpers once attended when their children were little. We hope we are able to provide a sympathetic ear or a helping hand.